Camera Animation Curves - multiple issues when manipulating a scene exported from Storyboard Pro

Issue 1) Camera curves in a scene exported from SBP are retaining “invisible” information:

  • The camera comes in with its curves and curve types intact (positional 3D Curve and rotational Quaternion Curve).

  • As in SBP, in the Function editor window these curve types don’t allow individual adjustment of XYZ curves, only the velocity curves using the “Set Ease In/Out” dropdown.

  • But now I want to start refining things for final output, so I add a new key.

  • I do what I can to manipulate the ins and outs of this key using the “Set Ease In/Out” dropdown until my velocity curve looks the way I want…

  • But for some reason there is undesired curvature on some of the XYZ curves that is impossible to adjust since manipulating those curves directly isn’t an option.

  • This curve information seems to be left over from the original curve information, and it’s impossible to eradicate using the tools at my disposal for positional 3D Curve and rotational Quaternion Curve types.

  • I found this problem to be a massive glitch in the previous version of SBP during a job in Animate Pro last year - I was hoping it would be fixed in Harmony, but nope. Any idea what’s causing this “ghosting”?

Issue 2) Converting positional 3D Curve and rotational Quaternion Curve types to separate XYZ curves deletes all animation information:

  • So there’s a bunch of issues with using cameras animated in SBP - okay, well, then I’ll just convert the curves to the separate XYZ curves that Harmony offers so I can really get my hands dirty and fine tune things the way I’d like… Nope. Once I do so, all of my camera animation is deleted and I have to rebuild the animation from scratch.

  • This is a massive waste of time - doing things twice is an unrealistic workflow in a production environment.

  • Is there a way to do this without losing that information, or can we get this added in the next version please?