Camera Animation Curves - issues related to curve manipulation in Function editor

These issues involve the manipulation of camera curves and the desire to have Bezier control over XYZ position and rotation:

  • I understand that because of the type of curves (positional 3D Curve and rotational Quaternion Curve) the individual XYZ curves are locked and you can only manually adjust the velocity curve (this is the same in Harmony for these types of curves).

  • Currently the only way to adjust the velocity curves are to use the presets from the “Set Ease In/Out” dropdown in the Function window (as well as adding Motion Points directly to the motion paths in the various view windows, or playing with the angle “wheel” that appears on a selected key on the velocity curve).

  • I would like to instead use bezier handles in the Function editor.

  • There is a button in the Function editor that’s labelled “Convert To Bezier Functions” - unfortunately this appears to have absolutely no effect. Bummer. WHAT IS THIS LITTLE BUTTON FOR? A Google search brings up nothing.

  • Is there a way to convert the curve types to separate XYZ curves (an option in Harmony) so I can get finer manual control over things?

Now, I understand that SBP has a simplicity philosophy, and maybe these options are being deliberately withheld so you can’t get too obsessed over details at the storyboard phase.
Okay, so, fine - let’s say that’s a good approach, and we’ll just ignore those issues and decide to do all our refinements in Harmony…
That would be great, except that in exporting our scene to Harmony we get into a whole bunch of other problems exclusive to SBP exports.

I address those issues in this follow-up post on the Harmony forum:

I have exactly the same issue. I would like to work with the curve editor but everything is greyed out. :frowning:

Exact same question (Storyboard Pro 7):
How do I convert to a bezier function curve? The option is grayed out and i dunno how to make it work.