Camera and Drawing Modes Showing different images Animate Pro 3

I’m using Animate Pro 3 and am having an issue where my camera mode and drawing mode are showing different things. When I’m in camera mode all of my layers are on top of each other the way I drew them, but in drawing mode one of my layers is completely off center. If I try to move it back to where it should be in drawing mode, it messes up the layout in camera mode.

Any idea how I can fix this?


Sounds like you’re missing some of the basics, please have a look at the tutorials:

Basically the drawing view shows the positioning of the drawing before any effects or offsets are applied. The camera view by contrast displays the drawing element after all the effects, transformations and offsets are applied. It can help to use the grid and the Field Chart to center your drawings and to help position them properly. The rule of thumb is position the drawing in the drawing view in it’s natural position and use the Camera view to animate the movements.

Okay, so if I accidentally messed up the layer by moving it in the camera view, how can I fix it so both views show the same thing? I’m not sure where any effects I might have accidentally set would be.

If you want to remove any positioning and scaling info for an element, first remove it’s peg. Next go into the element’s layer editor and on the Transformation tab, remove any values for position, rotation, skew and pivot.
The X and Y axis scale should be set to 1.

Now your camera view and drawing view placement of the element should match up unless… it is connected to a composite module which might be getting some Z-depth info from another element that that’s more advanced and probably not a factor in your current situation.