Camer - Motion blur

Hello again.

Im looking for option to add blur to moving camera. I thought maybe motion blur will do it, but it failed. I cant connect it to camera. Do you have any idea how to add blur to the moving camera when all objects in scene are stay still.

Thanks! :slight_smile: You re really helpfull :slight_smile:

One solution is to add a peg on top of EVERYTHING in the scene, including the camera and move that peg.

Then, add a composite at the end of the chain and insert the motion blur there. So, instead of having

modules & camera > composite > write & display

you end up with something like

peg > modules & camera > composite > motion blur > composite > write & display

I’ve tested it and it works.

If you have a lot of elements in the scene, group them, connect the master peg to the group and, if you want, you can then ungroup them…they will still be connected to the peg individually.