Calico Monkey Rumble - It's On

I’m out there as usual “pimping” the latest mayhem published by Will Reinhardt on Calico Monkey. This is the maiden episode since Will moved to TBS from The TAB software. I know how painful making a change in software can be particularly after he had created 9 prior episodes. But not only did Will put in the time and effort to make the switch, but he also has become a real TBS zealot. So if you aren’t familiar with Will’s unique brand of “Toon” lunacy and his creative approach to animation, I suggest that you pay his site a visit regularly. He not only entertains but he informs thru articles and tutorials. -JK

Will - as someone with an undisclosed # of piercings, that was in poor taste and scared the hell out of me. It did, however almost make me fall over laughing as well,… excellent job on all fronts. You really took your series to the next level with this episode too, each episode has shown a bit of improvement/evolution, but this one seemed like a big leap to me. Great stuff man, we’re all looking forward to more!

Dude thats sick! Nah only joking …I find your timing ability and presentation ability really great …I’m impressed.

I book marked your site and Tallgrass as well and read some of the blogs from time to time.

I have a very basic question for you …or anybody. Whats the best (cheap & easy) way to create a website these days…without any of Adobe’s expensive applications (Flash, macromedia etc. etc)

Hi JK,

Thanks for the link, I like the calico monkey site as well as your numerous blogs on animation and Toon Boom Studio. Thanks for the hard work by the way, it helps a lot of our users.

Tiger, here is a bit of info about websites. You can make a website using notepad or any other text editor of your choice. All you have to do is learn the html language which is quite basic. You can find an official reference here:

If you don’t want to learn any of this technical stuff, you can use a service of hosting that already offers a few packages like a blog page, a gallery, a forum package. A lot of hosting service now includes these goodies in the hosting plan. One popular goodie is Word Press. It’s probably the most widely used package for blogging. I think that’s what JK is using for his blogs, JK ?

That’s what I use to start the TBS blog, I’ll let you know when it’s done.


We use BLOGGER for the posting and editing work on our TGRS blogs. Blogger also provides hosting for free although we self host and do not use their hosting.

Calico Monkey is totally created and hosted by Will Reinhardt and is not affiliated with me or TGRS, so I take no credit for Will’s work. I have in the past assisted Will with advice and answered his questions but fortunately Will does his own thing which is probably why he has been successful. -JK