CACANi is released and on 30% off offer this week ($209 instead of $299)!
Essentially it’s for frame by frame animation but it creates the inbetweens. It would be amazing to see this tech inside harmony.!/home

They have a 30 day trial too, give it a bash…

This might be important to note but that price is Singapore currency. $299 SGD is only about $158 USD :slight_smile: :).

This seems like an excellent program to add into the animation pipeline of Harmony. If Toon Boom were to actually license this software to be integrated directly into Harmony it truly would be game over.

At any rate, this is good news for 2-D animation enthusiasts.

What does this do that Harmony or Animate Pro do not already do?

The feature that distinguishes CACANi from other software packages is that it automatically generates In-betweens from a limited set of Key Frames. It’s quite different from say morphing/blending(I’m not a programmer but I suppose it could be considered morphing…just more versatile?).

This is a video from one of the developers demonstrating this feature. Its old but I think it effectively communicates how it can be used.

The program is quite limited though and definitely pales in comparison to the the robust features offered in Harmony and Animate Pro. But it seems like it COULD be a useful tool to be used in conjunction with Toon Boom products.

I would say this is a supplemental app as opposed to something to replace your primary animation software.

But Animate Pro and Harmony can automatically generate in-betweens.

2D Interpolation can only do in-betweens from line to line as they appear in a camera view.

2D software does not understand mass and motion arcs of objects moving in 3D space.

Does Cacani work more like 3D software in that you somehow define motion using alternate camera views?

I watched some of the work demoed and am not impressed with the results. It could be the source or it could be the software. But what I see reminds me of what is typical of cutout animation created with highly automated software. It is lifeless and mechanical. This, not to be confused with the potential for instilling life and vitality through hand drawn frame by frame techniques. Everything just looks stiff and like it was generated with an algorithm. All of the motion looked homogenized.

I found it highly annoying and insulting, that Cancani software require to be permanently connected to the Internet.

do you know the coupon code? if there’s one

I recall getting an email from the CACANi devs a while back saying their server was being reconfigured for offline use.

I have the latest build installed on my tablet. Will check to see if they changed that yet.


Yup, this issue has been fixed: I disabled my wifi, launched CACANi and it’s working offline now.