C++ library error


I’m running TBS 6.0.15551 on a windows 7 (64bits) station and since Windows update to it’s C++ library (updata kb973923) about a week ago, I’m unable to scan or import images for vectorization. I keep getting a C++ error R6025 about a pure virtual function call being made.

I checked in TBS and browsed toonboom.com and can’t tell if a bug fix has been released.

How can I get a patch or bugfix?


Have not heard of this until now, have you updated your scanner drivers?

I wasn’t just scanning files, importing line art png files for vectorization also crashed TBS.

I upgraded everything I could and it still crashed so I rolled back to a snapshot prior to the C++ library update, still no dice. I uninstalled TBS, reinstalled and everything is just fine now.

I often put my computer in hibernation with TBS open, maybe some file got corrupt because of this.