Buzzing when output to video ...??

Hi -
I have been working with Toon Boom for a few months on a project. I’m making a short film with TBS and have been exporting the scenes to DV Stream and then importing them into iMovie one at a time, adding music, etc.

First of all, does this sound like a good way to proceed for a Mac-user? (I have a G4).

Secondly, when I export the movie from iMovie to my DV camera, then watch it on a TV the image in many places seems to “Buzz” …

I went to this online forum and looked up the guidelines for color. I had been operating under the advice I’d gotten (wrongly?) years ago to just keep the values under 246 RGB. On this forum I see the color values should not be 0-16 RGB or 236-256 RGB. So I went back through and changed all the colors according to these standards … but when I now view the film on TV it looks exactly the same!

So I’m hoping someone can help me: What are the color guidelines for video?
And do the 0-16 values really make a difference, or should I just worry about the higher values, 236-256?

Also, part of my film is black and white, and when I view that portion, the whites at 246 RGB don’t seem to be any problem … should I redo those anyway? I’m guessing the video will look different on different TVs?

ALSO - one add’l, completely different question, can I produce a short film that can be somehow exported/transferred into film, instead of video, with TBS?

THANK YOU in advance to anyone who can help me with these problems!