Burned in Panel-numbers?


I want to render a quicktime-file - with burned in Panel-numbers/SQ-Text… .
Do I see it right, that I have to manually put a Layer in front of everything - and then… have to put the numbers in - by hand?! O_o

And everytime I change a panel or something, I would have to change it again - by hand??

Or is there another way?

And if I’ve a camera movement - I’d have to move the textlayer against the camera-movement, if I want it to stand ‘still’ in the frame?!


Hi Mejin,

Which version of Storyboard Pro are you using?

When exporting out a movie file, you should see in the Export to Movie options a tab called Burn-In. Click on this, and you should see the option to print the scene names and panel numbers.

Additionally, you have options in the SBP Preferences menu where you can change the font, location and colour of the burn-in options.

Hope this helps, let us know how it goes!