Building Assets in 3D Space?

I want to build a house in 3d space using Toon Boom Animate Pro 2. My question is; Do I have to build all the objects (tv set, dining table, etc.) in the same Toon Boom file to get the right size/proportions? Or is it possible to build the assets in 3d in individual Toon Boom files and create a Template or Symbol. Then drop that into my main house file, then scale the 3d asset to fit correctly? I attempted, but when I scale the template/symbol, the object got distorted. Thanks for your time.

Hi jonnymud

You can hook all the layers of the object to a Peg and scale the Peg.

You can very well have some pegs on top of every object/hierachy.

One for scaling and one for animation and others for what ever you want to give a separate treatment that will affect all the layers of the object/hierachy.

Sometimes adding a Drawing Layer on top as a peg will give extended possibilities. Like the possibility to set multiple locations for the Pivot Point on the same layer , one for each drawing.

To store the objects you create in Animate Pro in the Library as Templates is a good strategy. Once created a box with a peg on top and stored it in the library, you can just drag it into the scene and scale it . It will be a new object and can be repeated as many times as you want.


Thank you very much for answering my question.