Building a puppet from a PSD file.


I’m trying to build a character from a psd file. I’ve created the puppet and all it’s elements in photoshop (CS5) on different layers (the layers are in different folders as well). I did this because I want a bitmap/pastell look for this character. I want to import it in Toonboom, set all pivots and bones and animate it, but when I try it I run into many problems…

Many of the images on the different layers are garbled. Is it not possible to work in this way with ToonBoom Animate Pro2? Or am I doing something wrong?

Please help.

Hmmm, not sure, why many of your images are “garbled” ? - How does it look like.
In what resolution are you working ?

Haven’t done much yet, regarding this technique, but, so far, it works very well…
Animate imports the layers exactly as they appear in PSD…
If you like, here is a very simple example:

Check out Tutorials Pack 6, Chapter 29, Importing PSD Files as separate layers.


Here’s a screengrab:
It’s a bit of strange thing because it also happens when I try to import textures in the colour tab.

Perhaps something in my preferences that’s not right…?

Hmmm, very strange…?
Looks like two layers (eyes and right arm) are importing correctly ?
Hope, it’s not a graphic card issue ? Have you installed the recent driver ?

Can you import one or more of those garbled images as single psd file ?
Have you tried “Vectorize Imported Items” ?

You could always ask the “ToonBoom Team” to have a look at your file:


It might be best to send the file into Toon Boom, but are you saving it in compatibility mode? I don’t have CS5 to test with here, but I wonder if there’s something new in that version that we don’t understand.