Bugs across computers and versions

Join me in this sad story… Well I had a computer and I bought a perpetual license of SB Pro 22. I’ve experienced a lot of bugs in it. Shortcuts stopped working (sometimes they work, sometimes the don’t, shortcut preferences checked…), panels disappearing, drawings disappearing or moving randomly, and the most strange and crazy thing… sequences layering on top of each other.

I bought a brand new computer, nice specs, SSD 1tb, Asus TUF motherboard, ryzen 7 5800x, rtx 3070…RAM… It promised a smooth performance. Fool of me. The software crashes when I import a video clip ( the same video doesn’t do anything crazy in the older computer). Shortcuts have bugs. Deleting a camera keyframe or a layer animation keyframe deletes the whole panel (across different versions). Camera got blocked in 3d environment. Drawings disappear. Problems saving and making panels that were animated without any drawing inside (project saved in C:).

The support team didn’t gave me any solution. I’ve tested the computers. The components give normal resoults. Other software runs without problems, but the support team seems to be lost with my case and sent me here to ask you nice people.


I’m supervising a storyboard team with members working on different computers and set-ups but every one of us has experienced the issues you describe: shortcuts stop working, panels disappearing, layers disappearing, … and the inevitable random crashes.

SB Pro 22 was not ready for release, imho.

Some team members have resorted to working on previous versions of SB Pro still installed in their systems. You might want to consider that option if it’s available to you.

Greg, thanks a lot for the info. Now I don’t feel like I’m the only weirdo who is having troubles xD.

Unfortunately, I only have access to the SB Pro 20 version, but also has the same bug patterns, so, I’ll ask the team if they have some older version avalaible to try.