BUGGY Next & Previous Column/Layer command

I’m new and just purchased Toon Boom today after using the trial version.

The “next/previous layer” shortcut AND menu command is broken. Actually the “previous layer” command works fine, but it’s the “next layer” command that’s broken.
“Previous layer” will cycle in reverse through the visible layers. This works fine (at least I think that’s how it should work), but “Next layer” will just cycle through the top layers regardless of it’s visibility. Even worse, it cycles through the exact number of layers that is visible, except through the WRONG layers.

I just did a forum search and noticed someone else complaining about the exact same bug 3 YEARS ago. shock

At least one of the commands work, but it feels weird when I want to bind both to something like the ShuttleXpress. Like a toy RC car that can only turn left.

Indeed, this seems to be a bug.

It could be easily fixed via a script. But you would have to click on a button to run it, which, I think, is not what you would like to do. :slight_smile:

So, I use this as an occasion to underline my feature request asking the possibility to assign shortcuts to scripts.

Hi Pokerman,

Thanks for reporting this issue. I have logged it in our bug tracking system.