Bug when combining Matte Resize and Glow in an object

I’ve come across what seems to be an odd bug in the software:

I have this character with Matte Resize applied so that its outline is a bit thicker than the inner lines.

It’s holding an object (which is connected to the character’s main peg, as any other limb), and this object starts glowing, so a Glow module is applied to it.

Now, what happens is that everything looks as it should, except that the glow is getting cut by an invisible square shape that surrounds the outside of this character.

The object’s glow looks like it should when the character’s Matte Resize is set to 0.

I’ve attached an image to illustrate this problem, note the vertical liine cutting the glow. Is this a known problem that can be worked around?

Thank you.

toon boom bug with matte resize and glow.png

So… there’s no way to fix this? I’m gonna have to combine both effects again, in the future. :frowning: