Bug Walk Cycle

Here is a premium tutorial, a bug walk cycle, we will release later this week

Tony great to see some Animate tutorials are being produced someone.

I didn’t want you to think I was ignoring your posts in share my work, but I am not sure if you want critical feedback or not since that is mainly what I do in share your work.

Hey Raider,
Thanks, I was actually debating on what section to post in, lol. Guess I’ll use General for premiums, and Tips and Tricks for the FREE ones (got a pencil tut I will post there later today).


I think you should use tips and tricks for all. Or maybe create a single thread and update the first post as you add more. That way all the tutorials are easy to find in the same place. I always intended to this but I made so many tutorials it would take me too long to go back and do it. One day!

But I just didn’t think you were really looking for that sort of feedback that comes from sharing your work, which is why I didn’t post in the others.

I think I like that idea… start a tonyteach tutorials thread in Tips and Tricks and update it when new tuts are ready. Did I get that right?

Yeah bump with the new post at the bottom, and then add a link to first post. So the first post lists all the tutorials. So people can easily see everything on offer and they don’t get forgotton.