BUG: Wacom pen randomly stops working on the top and bottom edges of the screen while on Toon Boom

When working on Windows 10 with Wacom Cintiq 22", the stylus pen stops responding in an area of about 2 cm on the top and bottom edges of the screen in Harmony. This happens 2-3 times a day randomly. This happens equally on all Windows machines with Wacom driver (I tested with several Wacom driver versions) while working with Toon Boom. I found 2 ways to solve it: restart the Wacom driver service + restart Harmony, or restart the whole computer. Both are just workarounds and are inconvenient. If I try to turn Cintiq OFF and ON (or unplugging and re-plugging the USB), then Wacom driver crashes completely and stops working at all. This happens only when working with Harmony, so I conclude that Harmony causes Wacom driver to glitch somehow.