BUG REPORT- Spacebar is no longer able to be assigned as a shortcut key

I recently upgraded to Toon Boom Harmony Advanced 12.2. I’m using Windows 10 64-bit. I go in to set my custom keyboard shortcuts. I am using the Adobe Flash set of shortcut keys with a few customizations. I find “Toggle Playback” under the “General” section. I clear out the default ‘Return’ shortcut. I click into the blank “Press Shortcut Key:” box and press Space, but the blank box stays blank. It’s also interesting to note that when I click into the blank box and try to set it to my Return key, pressing Return will only activate the “OK” button next to cancel, so I can’t set Space or Return as shortcut keys manually. I know that I can click the “Default” button and Return will come back as the default shortcut for Toggle Playback. Also interesting to note, when I search for the Hand tool (panning) under the “Drawing Mode” category, the Shortcut and Default shortcut are completely blank. It should say “Space” because the program allows me to press space and use the hand tool.

Some keyboard shortcuts which are considered base functionality of the software
are hard-coded and cannot be modified/re-used. The space bar is one of those,
it controls the “free pan and zoom” functionality in the program.

Dang it, the forum won’t show the posted code in here. Can’t even post a screenshot of how to do it. Oh well, hopefully the software patch will be available soon. I’ll at least try to describe how to do the code if you’re feeling ambitious. Open up the XML document. Look at how all your other shortcuts are coded. Go to the very bottom (just above the last two commands that say /shortcut and /shortcuts). Copy one of your own custom keyboard shortcuts you have set (Two lines of code, one that says shortcut id and one that is indented that says flavour id). Now replace some of the previous code with the new stuff you want to happen. You want to type in “TOGGLE_PLAYBACK_KEY” for the shortcut id. You want to type in “Adobe Flash” and then key =“Space” for the flavour id area. Or “Toon Boom Harmony” instead of “Flash” depending on which set of shortcuts you’re using. Hope this helps. Toon Boom, I apologize in advance if I have written something I should not have written. Feel free to delete this whole thread, but please make sure this bug is fixed. Thanks.

In previous versions of Harmony, I was able to use the Spacebar as a shortcut. The keyboard shortcut interface allows duplicate shortcut keys. I know that I use space for panning, but up until now, I’ve also been able to use it to Toggle Playback as a customized shortcut key. Also, on my co-worker’s computer with Harmony 12.1.5 I can assign the spacebar as a shortcut key, no problem.

I spoke with a Toon Boom rep today and he showed me some coding to write into the keyboard preferences to help me set the Spacebar as a shorcut key here. He said that he would log it as a bug and an update would be provided in the future to fix the problem for everyone else who would like to set the Spacebar as a shortcut.

Yes, I like it to where if I hold space bar down, it lets me pan. If I press it quickly, it Toggles and stops Playback. I love Toon Boom software like a crazy person!

If you’d like to type the code in, here you go: On your pc under your user account, navigate to
AppData\Roaming\Toon Boom Animation\ Toom Boom StageAdvanced\full-1200-pref
Open up your Shortcuts.xml document in notepad.

Near the end (just before the last two lines of code"" and “”) , type in the following code if you are using Adobe Flash shortcut keys:

If you are using the Toon Boom Harmony shortcut keys, type: