Bug report for Toon Boom Studio trial

This is a bug report for Toon Boom Studio, trial version. I was following TBS Cut-out Character design workout.pdf and going through renaming Ralphs poses.
I double clicked the first cell to name it “s” for side view, and when I hit enter, I noticed that I left the “1” in there-- it looked like this “1s”.
I went back and corrected it. I went on to rename the other poses.
When I hit save, to save my work, duh, I got the following message:

the file Ralph_sketch-1s is related to a drawing and could not be found.
The file may have been moved, renamed or deleted.
Further error messages will be suppressed.

The bad thing is, when I try to open the file my_turnaround, all my work is gone. I get the above error message.
All three sketched, the new pallate, everything. I have to start over.
I did save my work regularly throught the exercise. It is like I never started it.

I will start all over. I just wanted to let you know of the problem so that you can fix it and never hear about it again.

Now, aren’t I a valuable potential customer? :wink:



Its me again.

I did the whole workout exercise over. I saved before I tried to rename the poses in the exposure sheet. I changed exposure 1 to s. Renamed exposure 2 to q, and pose 3 to f.

Tried to save the work. Got the following message:

The Ralph_Sketch-s is related to a drawing and couldn not be found.
The file may have been moved, renamed or deleted.
Further error messages will be suppressed.

Clicking ok on the error message gets me a scene “my_turnaround” that is empty.

Why is this happening?

I need to understand what I am doing wrong if anything.


This is an update.

I checked in the library to see if anything was there. There new names for the poses was there but those were empty, blank in the library preview box.

The original files ARE in the library, with their original titles, ex. Ralph_Sketch-1…

ok, so what I did was delete the s, q, and f files ( standing for side, quarter, and front views of char) and renamed the originals in the library. This time when I saved the scene, no error.

I dragged the cells from the library to the timeline to their intened positions. Saved with no errors. I checked the exposure sheet, 1=s, 2=q, and 3=f, just how its supposed to be and the drawings are now showing when I click on the cell.

My colour palette has to be recreated, still.

Does anyone have this problem with the retail version?


I looked and that workout wasn’t one of the ones that I’d downloaded when I started with TBS5. Did you get it off of the Toon Boom website?

This exercise was from the workout series that I purchased from the website. The exercise was TBS Cut-out Character Design Wrokout.pdf. The exact exercise was Rename Ralph’s Poses on page 22, under Part 1 Character Turnaround/sketching.

The exact action I took was what was called for in the exercise. I double clicked the pose, highlighted the “1” and typed in s, and hit enter.

I am now avoiding that bug by rt clicking the cell, and choosing rename from the menu.