Bug Report: Export Bitmap Does Not Match Camera Frustum

We’re having a pretty big issue regarding SBP exports. The basic problem is that, when an artist uses camera moves in SBP, SBP doesn’t export what the camera sees, but rather a larger portion of the frame. So we don’t get a 1:1 export. This seems to be a long-standing issue—I found this thread:

And this similar one: https://forums.toonboom.com/storyboard-pro/support-and-troubleshooting/export-pdf-masked-images

This is a pretty big time suck at the moment and is slowing down the works. The only solution we’ve found thus far is using the Export->Current Image option, which is limited to one panel at a time and doesn’t name them appropriately.

I attempted to write a script around this and call exportToBitmap() but the bug persists. I experimented with the various export flags, but it didn’t help.

For whatever reason Export->Current Image is the only export that works. The batch feature doesn’t work no matter what combination of options we click on and off (and I think we tried every combination there is)

Has this bug been acknowledged and on any roadmap to be addressed? This bug has caused us to miss one deadline so far.

Hi Edgar,

So, I am having a similar issue. I’m not sure if this will help, but I ended up having to make a PDF Profile that renders only what the camera sees. It’s not perfect, but it may help until this situation gets resolved?


Best of luck,

Thanks for sharing. I will certainly look into this. It is quite frustrating for my entire team