BUG: peg loops with large content or count

Setup details:
TBS 7 - build 7.0.18108
I have imported a 4minute standard def video.
I have a peg animation that moves this video back and forth on the screen in a ping-pong motion, completing the loop at 44 frames. I have set the Number of Loops to 136.

I have used another 44 frame peg motion to animate a body moving around in a simple pattern. I have also looped THAT peg 136 times.

When I open the TBS file, both peg loop counts are set to 5849. I must reset them to 136 to keep the program from being sluggish, every time I open the file. Note that 5849/136 is approximately 143. This is suspiciously close to 144. Is the software saving the wrong number, or is there a rounding error causing this? Please fix as soon as possible, as it makes me think I can’t build any animations that are very long. Thanks :]