bug: Menus very often stop responding

Too often the Edit menu just stops responding. All other menus work properly, but the Edit just doesn’t open up. I try the mouse, I try the pen, I try navigating with ALT and arrows - no luck. So I need to restart Harmony…

  • Windows 10, Harmony 17.0.2

UPDATE: After a thorough troubleshooting with TB support team (kudos to Juho for bearing with me!) we have figured out, that the problem probably occurred because I was working directly in OneDrive cloud service folder. The way a cloud drive works impacts how Toon Boom is able to read it’s files. I have moved all my folder out of OneDrive, and so far the problem didn’t repeat again. I will update this post if it happens again.

UPDATE 2: The problem is back again both on Harmony 20 and Harmony 17. Menus randomly stop responding. It’s not just the Edit menu - it’s completely random. Right now it’s the File and the Drawing menu that don’t respond. This becomes really frustrating…

Hello Soom!

Please reach out to our support team at desk@toonboom.com and they’ll help you get this bug logged in our system!

Based on his other post on this subject he is not looking in the correct place because he does not understand how everything undoes in reverse sequence. He is trying to jump to a place to undo something created many steps previous and he does not have the most recent additions in view to see the results of Undo.

You should get your manners together, and carefully read what other people with lots of experience are writing instead of neckbearding

thanks, done

screen recording:

And here is a new screenrecording with the bug again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Sgm257xiOc