BUG: Line Thickness

I have this funky problem that really bothers me with Animate Pro. I can’t figure this out because it only happens sometimes. Has anyone else experienced this?

In Animate Pro lets say I draw a Pencil line with a thickness of 24. Later if I use the select tool and select that same line and then go to the Tool Properties and change the thickness from 24 to 12 and hit Enter about half the time it will change it to the new thickness and the other half of the time it doesn’t do anything. I know I’m doing everything right because sometimes it works.

I’ve just noticed that if the line is 24 and I set it to 12 and nothing happens if I type in another number like 10 it will change it to 10 and then I can type in 12 and it will change it to 12 finally.

There was a known issue in Animate where if you select a pencil line and try to change it to the same value as you’ve just used already (i.e. if you select one line, change it to 24, then select another line, try to change it to 24), it won’t take, but if you change it to a different value then back to that value, it will.

This has been fixed in Animate 2.

Toon Boom Support