Bug? layer assignment for puppet parts.

I noticed when going through a puppet exercise that there may be some bugs. I have front and side views of my character model. I used cutting tool to split the joints and parts into labeled layers (head, left arm, etc.). Then I went to side view of model and tried repeating. When I choose to create a new layer from the cut part, the window pops up where you can name new layer or use drop down menu to place cut part into existing layers. Well, when I try to cut the forearm of a the side view and try using drop down menu I don’t see most available layers in the list. So I have to type the layer name “right forearm” in the dialogue box which leads to the creation of a new layer “right forearm1”.

I end up having to manually copy the cut piece from “right forearm1” and paste into “right forearm” and delete the former layer.

Anyone else notice this issue?

Is the layer you want to paste too locked?

Or is the layer you want to paste to not visible? (I.e. is the checkbox on the left side of the timeline unchecked?) You can’t paste to a layer that’s not visible. The reason that we did it this way is to give you a way of cleaning up the list of things that’s available in the dropdown list. If you have a scene with many objects in it, you don’t want to see all those objects in the dropdown list, you only want to see the layers that you’re interested in. So just by hiding the layers you can prevent them from being shown in the list.

Hope this helps.

Toon Boom Support

I did some test cuts into new layers and yes it seems that layer names disappear from drop down menu when the layer is invisible. That clears things up. Thanks.