bug: keyboard shortcuts not working sometimes ?

This is the case for me with ToonBoom Express 2.5 and 3.0.
Very often CTRL-Z is not responding at all… I have click on
the drawing area and then it works again. Sometimes I have
to select Edit->Undo. Other shortcuts are not working either.
It happends pretty often - it’s something related to focus
I guess, but seems like a bug and it’s quite annoying.
Enybody else have experienced this and is there any remedy ?

That is not a bug. There are reasons for commands to be specific to certain panels and therefore if that panel does not currently have focus then that associated command isn’t available. With a little practice you will get use to what works with what and when. We all have experienced this with multi-panel applications.-JK

Actually the focus stays within the panel (drawing area window).
Most of the time the ctrl-z doesn’t work once I rotate the table.
So to me it sounds like a bug. Maybe it’s related to Wacom drivers,
maybe to something else, but there is definetely a problem. I have
tried this on different machines.