Bug/Instability: Inconsistent behaviour when save path includes folder with "/" character in name in MacOS 10.13.6

I just made a new harmony scene in a folder that had the “/” character in its name. Harmony allowed me to do this (there was no warning that it would be unsupported). When it made the scene folder, it put the .xstage file, the aux file, the element and version table files, and the elements folder in the right place, but it also made a new folder with the “/” character replaced with an underscore, with a new scene folder that had the environments, frames, jobs, and pallet library folders inside it. This meant that the core file structure of the scene was spread across two locations, and Harmony couldn’t find various parts when trying to save.

I suggest either fixing how Harmony handles filepaths internally so any file path that is legal in the OS works with harmony, or have harmony detect when a user tries to use an illegal filepath and warn them.

The former option might also fix support for folder aliases, which I tried to use to have multiple scenes share a jobs folder so they would use the same pallets. As it is, although you can select a filepath via an alias in dialog boxes, Harmony doesn’t understand them.