Bug in Harmony 14 Essentials (freezing and preventing a change)

It happened since I installed Mac Os Sirrea.

Everytime I edit something, it freezes for a second, and no action occurred.

For example when I used my select tool and tried to move one object, it froze for a second, and no change happen.

Could somebody help me fix this problem? Because the Mac Os Sirrea might of caused this bug.

Thank you.

I doubt that this is the solution since I’ve always been using a bluetooth mouse (and I believe most people in the other thread do as well).

Someone in that thread said it might be a VRAM issue and you could try changing that in the Harmony preferences. I did that, and I must say I haven’t had any system freezes/crashes since then (and it’s already been a week or so).

I have a GT 750 with 2048 MB of VRAM in my MacBook, so in Toon Boom’s OpenGL preferences I’ve set everything to 2048 MB accordingly. Which means maximum texture size, texture memory and vector drawing maximum texture size = 2048, playback cache = 1024.

At least that prevents TB from killing the entire OS.
However, TB 14 is still a mess, it still crashes at least two times a day (the app itself, not the OS). Especially when you keep in mind that TB 14 has been released more than half a year ago without getting a single update, this is completely unacceptable…

I’m having the identical problem! It’s driving me crazy. Judging by the thread posted above, it doesn’t sound like there are any solutions yet. I wish I had never upgraded to Sierra. Big mistake on my part, but how was I to know?

UPDATE: Well, I think I may have found my solution. I switched from using the built in touchpad mouse to an external bluetooth mouse and suddenly everything seems to be working fine. Go figure!

I guess I was confused as to what my issues actually were. I was only having the specific troubles DanielleBowman described above, with drawings or objects freezing when trying to move them and changes unable to be made. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s using a MacBook Pro as well. I read somewhere that since the latest Sierra upgrade, there have been touchpad/mouse issues. Anyway, I hope TB delivers an update soon for all the other issues people are having!

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