BUG: Harmony cannot import a QuickTime movie

We are trying to import a video file into Harmony on Windows.
Tried importing a QT movie with H.264 compression and all I get after importing is a jabbed footage (see picture attached).
When I tried to convert this QT movie into any other format (with the compression Animation, or PNG or into MP4) Harmony couldn’t even read the files - as soon as we tried to open these movie files, the dialogue box would just disappear.
Currently the only workaround is to export QT as image sequence and import it then.
We tried on 2 computers - both have Windows 10, one with Harmony 20 and one with Harmony 17
This is a serious issue, as we are now starting a huge production and it is gonna become a problem.
(On a Mac there is no problem with importing QT movies.)

UPDATE: after some troubleshooting with the support team (which is very responsive by the way!) we found out that there are issues with importing videos without sound or/and that are of odd resolution (i.e if it’s not standard HD pixel resolution, that is listed in Harmony’s default formats). This is now on their to-do list.

Hi Soom!

Sorry to hear that your production is encountering problems. If you don’t mind, please send an e-mail off to desk@toonboom.com so our support team can troubleshoot this with you directly.

Thanks for the update and providing our support team with the information needed so that our R&D team can look into fixing this issue in the future. We greatly appreciate it.

oh my! I’m having the same issue too. I imported my MOV into Harmony 20 ( using Windows too) and it come out jabbed too. But I was able to get the audio.

I’m also having the same problem. I converted a gif to a h24 mov and Harmony 20 was just stretched everything diagonally (it’s just lines). Harmony 17 however imported it with no problem

I’m on windows

Same issue as yours. No problen on the 17 version, by the way, only on the 20 version.

Before importing to Harmony, convert the file in a video editing software (such as Premiere), by exporting it not just to a new different format (H.264 which is supported by Harmony) BUT WITH A NEW DIFFERENT PRESET AS WELL.

(for example on Premiere go to file->Export media, then on the Export Setting Window make sure not only to change the format to H.264 BUT ALSO change the Preset to SOMETHING WHICH IS NOT THE MATCH SOURCE, such as High Quality 1080p HD).

It should be fine that way. I hope I helped.

It also solves the issue of jabbed/distorted imported videos on the 20 version.

You’ve saved my life.