BUG - H22 - "Order Node View Down" freezes the program

In Harmony 22, the Node View’s “Order Node View Down” function freezes the program.

Does the same in Harmony 21.0.3.


Do you mean that you confirm that this is a bug and that it’s been there since at least Harmony 21.0.3.?

Yes, but I don’t know if I would consider it a bug. The more complex the Node structure, the longer the script takes which puts Harmony in a non responsive state.

The Docs even state ‘It should however not be used for complex cut-out rigs’.


Thank you for these precisions and for finding the information in the documentation.

Yes it, indeed, unfreezes once it’s finished.
In my case it took about 30 minutes. :smiley:

The strange thing is that it also freezes when being used on a very simple node structure within a group.
I remember that in the past I was able to use this functionality without any problem.

Apart from this, I think that it would be useful if there was a functionality that does the same thing, but only for the selected nodes, such as the script for horizontal node ordering does. :slight_smile:

Wow 30 minutes, I don’t know how complex the node structure is but it must be big. I just tested out some character rigs, the longest one was 14 seconds in both 21.0.3 and 22.0.1. I only really use the Align Nodes Horizontally, the rest I move manually.

Here is the link to the docs (H22) if you want to take a look.
Aligning and Organizing a Node System

And if you want to dig deeper the script is called TB_orderNetworkDown.js in conjunction with TB_orderNetworkUtils.js which can be found in the Script Editor or in the /resources/scripts/ of the Harmony folder.

Thank you for all these information.

I will do some more testing with the documentation at hand and certainly have a look into the script next year in order to find out what is making it take so long.
Maybe there are is a loop where it remains stuck in or something like this.

Merry Christmas to you.

You are welcome!
Yes, maybe the script could have a issue or it could be improved?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!


I finally think that the script is alright.

I did some testing by progressively removing nodes from my network.

At a certain level the script was able to handle my scene in a couple of seconds again.

My scene contained indeed a hefty amount of groups (containing interconnecting and mutually cutting nodes for compositing tests) with multiple in- and out-put ports.
I definitively can understand that it is hard to determine which port’s parent node has to be placed higher in the hierarchy and that this can take time.