BUG - H22 - Deleting the current display / manually entering values in layer properties

Hi guys, I never submit any bug reports so if this isn’t the best way to do it, please tell.

I’m using harmony 22.0.1 (19025)
-First one I noticed: When deleting a group containing the currently displayed display node, Harmony crashes. When deleting a display node not in a group it does the intended thing of switching to “display all” without any hiccups.

-Second one that annoys me a lot while rigging. Very frequently while setting up deformers or pivot coordinates, I am not able to type values in the layer properties if I need to add a . or coma decimal.
If there already is a point, like these curve coordinates.
The two 0.3 values stay stuck and I can’t change them by typing. Right now the only way i found to unlock them is to first use the arrows to slide the value up/down, and then i can type in another value. But I still can’t add a . or , if it isn’t already there. Tried changing the keyboard language just in case there was a key conflict, but no change.

Hope this helps :vulcan_salute:

Well it is good to inform the community, it is best to contact/report it to support. Also your OS version (WIN/macOS-Intel or Apple Silicon) would be good to know.

Sorry to say, I haven’t run into the issues you are having.

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I’m using windows 10. Glad this isn’t a thing more people encountered, I experienced a few other odd ones since. ^^
I will wait just a bit more before reporting it, i have to do a fresh windows install anyway so let’s see if this fixes anything.