Bug fixes & line feature requests

I haven’t read over all the feature requests that people have submitted so please forgive me if I am duplicating what others have requested.

Bug fixes
1. Every time I open a new scene I have to resize the screen for full screen. If I don’t, the bottom and right side are slightly over extending my screen area. (Note: I have a dual monitor setup with AP on my monitor and a Cintiq 12WX to the right.)

2. Library: When I select New Folder the entire tree collapses. In order to rename it, I have to expand the tree and when I rename the new folder the tree collapses again. If I delete a folder, guess what, the tree collapses! I want the tree to stay expanded or collapsed only when I do so manually.

New features
The following features are ones that have been available in Xara graphics software since they began many years ago. The example images are from one of their sites. I realize that these features are similar to what Harmony 9 has to offer but they differ somewhat in that they are all centerline without the control nodes around the edges.

1. Pencil lines with squared off ends (Butt cap) instead of rounded.
2. Pencil lines with mitered (sharp) joins instead of rounded.
3. Pencil lines with various stroke shapes. Xara Designer Pro has 34 of these stroke shapes, although all I’d really like to see are ones with tapered ends that come to a point and tapered ends that are squared off.



I agree the library tree thing is quite annoying.

I was afraid you were going to say that! I just can’t afford the price unfortunately. :’( I would only hope that AP3 would have the features I noted here which is a simplified version of H9’s pencil tool.

My primary monitor is a ViewSonic with the Cintiq 12WX as the secondary. The resolution is set to 1280x800.

Too bad the Library is not “a simple fix.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Those are pretty much exactly what we’ve added to Harmony 9. They are pencil lines, still defined by the centre contour, but you can edit the thickness on its own spline. You also have the ability to have pencil lines with flat ends, and mitre joints.

Regarding the resize, is your primary monitor the screen or the Cintiq? What’s the resolution of the Cintiq? Maybe it’s less than the minimum size requirments, either way I’ll look into it.

About the Library, I totally hear you, that drives me nuts too. I had asked about it before and it was one of those things that was not a simple fix, there was some reason that they couldn’t do that - but I’ll pass it back along to R&D to see if they have any new ideas of how to deal with that issue.