bug: extend exposure limited to 999 frames in animate pro

Hi, I think there is an error in the Animate pro.
I am on the frame 1016, then I try to extend exposure of the frame 1016 to the frame 1167,

the size of the scene is larger than 1200 frames. that was created automatically from storyboard pro.

but the limit that animate pro sets when I press “extend exposure” is the frame 999 (yes, only 3 digits). if I press the maximum number 999 the error appears:frame number must be greater or equal to 1016. So it is a bug in the code.

so, the error is that extend exposure can not be used when the frame is greater than 999.

what file should I modify to set the parameter greater than 999?

thanks a lot

It’s true that it seems like there’s a problem with that dialog.

I think I found a workaround, however. If you are trying to extend to empty cells, how about you just select those cells on the timeline, and then hit F5 to extend to that frame?

Hi, it doesnt work because when I press F5, hen it only allows me to extend to frame 999 when I press overwrite. And If I press insert it says that the number should be greater than 1167 (the last frame).
So, the dialog is limited by its maximum frame number :999.

I tried to cut the file in 2 , each one with less than 999 frame. the problem happended when I copy the part of the frames greater than 999 and paste in the empty frame number 1, because here animate pro quitted unexpectly each time.

So, what I am doing since yesterday is to enter to storyboard and split all the shots that had more than 999 frames, exporting again the files, restarting again,etc

thanks a lot

Yeah, this is a problem. What I meant was, if you click on an empty frame, then hit F5, it will just automatically extend the exposure. If you click on a frame that already has something in it, then it pops up the dialog. I was hoping that you could avoid having to use the dialog by clicking on an empty frame. But, indeed, cutting up the file in Storyboard is another solution.