Bug - Drawing Substitutions view - Confused by synced layers


I remarked a little bug in the Drawing Substitutions view.
It mixes up thumbnails when dealing with synced layers.

When I select a cell of a drawing and then directly select a cell of a synced layer (without deselecting the drawing in the meantime), only the substitution thumbnail of the selected cell is updated. The other thumbnails still display the substitutions of the previously selected drawing.

(see attached image)

Hello Stefman,

Thank you for reaching out to the community. Please contact our support department at desk@toonboom.com. They will help you sort this out.

I invite you to check out our Discord Channel for any other general questions on animation and our software. Our tight-knit Discord community will be there to help you. https://discord.com/channels/576095341523369984/576436694375464972


The Toon Boom team


Thank you for your reply.

But, I was actually reporting a bug, not requesting help. :smiley:

The title of the thread might be missleading, indeed.
It’s not me being confused, but it’s the Drawing Substitution view that confuses thumbnails to display when dealing with sync layers. :slight_smile:

P.S. I moved this thread to the Feature Requests board.

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