BUG: Cintiq 22HD Stops node view from dragging in viewport.

I have a frustrating bug that only pops up when I’m working with my cintiq.
I can work like normal, but once in a while when I hold spacebar and try to drag the node view with my stylus, It stops working and I can’t drag the view around.
When it happens and I try and drag the view with my stylus, the viewport just wiggles around and gets stuck in the same place.

I can still interact with the node view and if I switch to a mouse and try to drag it, it works fine.
It fixes itself when I restart toonboom, which is a very frustrating time sink.
Sometimes I can sit for an entire day and not have the problem, and sometimes I have the problem every few minutes.

I am working in Harmony 20 with a Cintiq 22HD on windows.

I have tried replicating the bug with a Cintiq 16, but it only seems to happen with the 22HD.
I have also tried updating all drivers, and reset toonboom’s preferences but it didn’t help either.