Bucket paints everything black- Toon Boom Studio

Whenever I try to use the fill tool for an animation all of the colours show up black on the canvas. The preview in the bottom right corner works fine and shows colours, but the large area I actually draw on won’t let me fill the picture in. I’m not sure if that’s normal, since I just got it, but after watching many reviews and tutorials and seeing that the fill tool works fine when the tutors use it, I’ve become unsure. If anyone has any idea how to fix this, I would be extremely grateful.

It’s graphic card related.

If you’re on Vista or Win7 or 8 disable the Aero Desktop theme
and select one of the Basic & High Contrast themes. Also try updating
your graphic card driver. If all else fails, try switching between OpenGL/Direct3D.

On Mac don’t use the Real Time Antialiasing feature, it’s
very resource intensive - use the full scene antialiasing instead
(also on the Display Tab). There may also be some OpenGL
settings on the graphic card utility that you could tweak.