Bubble-Shadow plugin not working

The Bubble-Shadow plugin is not working in Animate Pro 2. For one, I believe I installed this patch previously when I had the PLE version so when I go to install it I get a message that the patch was already applied.

I find the template in my library but there is no Bubble-Shadow.dll to drag and drop into my plugins folder. Is that right? You find this in your Animate Template folder and see the DLL file? Doesn’t make sense.

Perhaps the plugin doesn’t get fully installed since my computer thinks it’s already there, but there is no way to uninstall it from the previous version of Animate. So, what can I do?

It’s in my template folder but doesn’t show up in the plugins. I’ll write support for the DLL file. Thanks!

The Bubble-Shadow plugin was not shipped with Animate Pro 2. If you have the plugin in a previous version of animate, you can copy the .dll into the plugins folder. Or, if you don’t have the plugin and want it, then you can email support@toonboom.com and they can send you the plugin.

Do you already have the bubble shadow plugin in your plugins folder in Animate Pro 2?