Hi I’m using toon boom harmony essentials and I have questions about the brushes/tools.

-I’v heard you can make your own texture for a brush, is that true?

  • Is there a blend/smudge tool?
  • Is there more tools than just the pencil and brush, like stuff that gives a water color effect?


At the moment there are a brush and an pencil tool and different kind of textures within these too.
There are not so much tools as you are used from photoshop , painter , Tv paint etc but I hope it will come.

/ Mattias

The textured bitmap and vector brushes are only available in Harmony Advanced and Premium, not in Essentials.

There’s no smudge. Some presets simulate watercolour and you can create new brushes and tweak the existing presets, but note Harmony’s brushes are not as sophisticated as those in Photoshop or TVPaint.

Hello Purpletime898!

Textured brushes and Textured Vector Brushes are only available in Harmony Advance and Premium.
Here is a video introducing our Brushes.

And some documentation on our Textured Brushes.

Here are the answers to your questions:

Hope this helps.

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And I should add that besides the textured vector brushes and the bitmap brushes, Essentials also doesn’t have textured pencil lines as in Advanced and Premium. In Essentials, the pencil draws an old school fixed-width line, without pressure sensitivity, only the brush has pressure sensitivity.

More details here:

In terms of drawing tools, Essentials misses the following:

Paperless: Advanced Tools
Paperless: Textured Lines
Textured Vector Brushes
Shift and Trace Tool
Advanced Vector Pencil lines: Pressure Sensitive, Variable Width