Brush vs Pencil vs Polyline Tools

I’m a character animator who have just jumped into the Toon Boom Animate world and I’m rather lost with the drawing tools. The three of them( brush, pencil and polyline) seem rather amazing and I see ups and downs for everyone of them.

So, in your experience, which one is better and what for?

Thanks and sorry for such a basic issue,


Hi Joanimation

They all have their uses, but really depends on how you want the final animation to look and which one suits your animation workflow / style.

I favour the Brush tool as this gives a more ‘drawn’ look to the animation with thinner and thicker brush strokes. This also gives the advantage that you can edit the outside points of the line to make them thicker thinner where necessary.

The pencil tool i use less, as this gives a constant size line. The advantage however to a pencil is that it is very clean and easy to edit, as the edit line is central rather than around the edges, so you can edit curves etc without changing thickness of the line.

So short answer, use what you feel comfortable with and what suits your style and workflow at the time :smiley:

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Pencil can be useful if you are working with another artist who demand to match his/her’s style. You can now do it with AP 3, as your pencil line can be edited to match another artist line:)