Brush tools and colour separate

I use the brush presets . If i select a different size brush why does the colour change ( actually default to black every time ) It should remain on the colour i select regardless of which pen size I choose . Its plain common sense .
With the system as it stands I am constantly having to double check the colour swatch panel for the selected colour ( made even more difficult by having to locate the small grey identification box around the chosen colour .)

So much time wasting caused by this constant problem - my efficiency would increase dramatically if you separated these functions .
(Also see draw behind post )

The brush presets save all the brush parameters including colour,size and paint in front or paint behind.

The only solution seems to be to make a ton of preset brushes and to learn to use the “O” key for quick brush resizing. You can map the “O” key to one of your cintiq buttons for better access.

I wish they had kept the simplified brush colour palette.

hi again . I am set up as you say - I have ‘colour’ on top . under that-’ tool properties’ , then under that- ‘brush presets’ . but if you test this you will see the colour selection has a bug .
If I select brush A with colour red . then select brush B with blue then go back to brush A it defaults to black . So right now every time i change brush size I have to reselect my colour .
Fortunately for the most part i work in black so it defaulting to black is not affecting me all of the time .
Without this bug though it would still attach the colour to the brush preset. If I have a full colour board to do am I expected to have many brush presets with all the colours attached to them ?

ok thanks for that as an option - its still kind of a work around to the best way of working ( LIke 1.6 ) It doesn’t help my work flow as selecting drop down menu , sliding down to desired brush size is about the same as selecting brush preset and selecting colour again .
You know my preferred functionality on this one .
thanks again , dean

If all you want to do is save the brush size, then you can use the Brush dropdown list in the Tool Properties. Then you can separately select your colour from the colour window. If you put your colour window underneath the Tool Properties, then you’ll be able to look at them at the same time.

I’ve brought your feedback to the team and we’re discussing possible simplifications for future versions.


So I was actually referring to not using the Brush Presets at all. If you simply use the dropdown list in the Tool Properties window, then when you change brushes, it just keeps the currently selected colour. I just tried this out and I don’t have it going back to black.