Brush tool sharpness setting?

I was recently working on a project, and somewhere in the middle of working on it, I must have clicked something, and all of a sudden the lines I had drawn were very pixelated, as opposed to extremely smooth & sharp, especially when zoomed in.

Everything in the file is set to HD, default settings.

I’ve looked around at a lot of different settings, but I can’t seem to find anything that restores the sharpness my lines, etc. once had. Does anyone have an idea as to what I might have done to change this?

This is what a quick line drawn with the brush tool looks like now, when I’m zoomed in.

Go to Preferences>OpenGL and disable Real-Time Antialiasing.

You set the Real-time antialiasing on by pressing Ctrl + Alt + A (or similar on mac). You can turn it back off with that shortcut or go Preferences>OpenGL> Real-time Antialiasing>disable.

I would not use this in most case since it will slow down you playback since it makes a mini-render all the time that you draw a new lines. It gives you a preview of the final lines quality but at a price of performance. If you are on Harmony 9.2 you should use the Full-scene antialiasing to smooth the display of the lines in OpenGL.