brush tool - resolution dependant?

hi there

just trying to get my head round something.

with the brush tool, is it resolution dependant?

- ie: the thickness of the line drawn stays the same regardless off what the zoom factor is on screen

so - as an example - i draw a line, which comes out at (x) thickness. then i zoom out and without changing pens i draw another line which comes out the same thickness in terms of screen resolution, but much thicker in terms of thickness in relation to the graphic i am inking.

Is this the way it works? - (it appears to be the case)

can it be toggled back and forth?

had a look through the help and couldnt find any notes on this, so any insight would be appreciated



This is indeed the way it work for the moment. The brush size is dependent on the zoom level you have on a scene.

There is currently no toggle for this but it could be considered for future versions.



thanks for clearing that up.

it would be great if you had the option of toggling this on and off in future releases

eg: say your doing the same alteration to lots and lots of elements (group of people etc) - if you lose track of your zoom factor half way through that process, (due to having to do a different task or change views) youre pretty much in the “make an educated guess” camp - rather than the “i know for sure” camp.

not such a problem on the lose stuff - but a real pain if the work is tight in its use of line weights and shapes

does anyone know the brush weight to get a professional broadcast quality line, like in TV animation?