Brush Tool Problem


Whenever I use Toon Boom’s brush tool, huge colorful blotches splatter the screen until I release pressure, then everything looks fine on the screen. Because of the blotches, I cannot see what I am doing until I let go. This does not happen with the pencil tool or other tools. At first I thought the problem was my Wacom pen tablet until I noticed the same thing happens each time I use my regular mouse (not the one that came with the tablet). What am I doing wrong? Thank you.

A. Landis Jones

This may be caused because the drawing view window does not have “focus” when you start to draw. If you select the drawing window up at the top where the panel title is located so that the window has “focus” and then you start to draw inside the window this may eliminate your getting those blobs at the start of a stroke. The panel loses focus each time you access a different panel such as the exposure sheet or the time line etc. so you need to regain focus again each time after such an event. -JK


The blob behavior at the beginning of a line has been noticed on our side as well and we are currently investigating on this issue. This behavior has been apparent on the Intuos 3 tablet.

As you have noticed it does not affect the actual drawing but we are still looking forward to fix this.

Concerning JK’s commentary about the focusing, this has been addressed in the upcoming patch and you won’t need to click once in the drawing window before being able to draw, the first click will start the drawing.

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this is a good news. when will the patch be available?

Hi Rob,

The patch should be released in the beginning of year 2007. There is no official date yet.

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I wish to thank everybody for replying, and I am glad I am not the only one who is having this problem. I was beginning to think it may be due to my lack of memory on my computer; I am almost down to zero memory. Anyway, I tried the “focus” trick, but since it did not work, I tried experimenting with other tricks of my own creation that did not work either. As a result, I, too, am looking forward to the upcoming patch.

As I said in my initial post, yesterday, the problem happens whether I am using my Wacom tablet (Graphire 3, by the way) or just my mouse which came with the computer.

May you all have many blessings.

Joy in the Lord,
A. Landis Jones