Brush Tool Occasional Straight Lines

Hey there,

Wondering if someone could help me out here. I’m using Storyboard Pro 4.1 with a Cintiq 24HD Touch in Windows 7 with a fairly beefy machine.

Basically while I’m using the brush tool, every now and then (say every 30-50 strokes) I randomly get a straight line instead of a curve. Only for a split second though, then it continues with the line as I draw it. It almost always happens at the start of the stroke I think.

I’ve attached an image of some circles I drew showing where it happened. I tried it on both bitmap and vector layers with textures both on and off and it still seems to happen regardless.

Also I use various other drawing programs such as Photoshop, Manga Studio and Flash and don’t notice anything like this happening so it’s unlikely that the Cintiq is the cause.

Ordinarily I would bother asking about this type of thing but it is happening frequently enough to become annoying. Aside from this though, I’m in love with the software!! Hope you can help!


In Toon Boom Harmony right!? Same issues, been talking with support. Glad I’m not the only one.

Hey !

I am having the same issue, did you find a solution ?

I’m also having the same issue but in harmony 15. Anyone have a fix for this?

If it helps anyone what ended up fixing this for me was uninstalling my tablet driver (wacom cintiq 13hd) and installing one a few versions back. This was the one that worked for me: