Brush tool lag in Camera view on Mac El Capitan

Just bought a new mac running El Capitan and suddenly experiencing a serious lag in the brush tool in the camera view. Anyone know if this has been addressed yet and, if so, is there a solution? In my particular line of work, this is a MAJOR set-back! Thanks.

more info for comparison please. harmony version? machine specs (speed/ram/video card config)? wacom device involved?

harmony modal info? opengl and antialiasing settings? drawing in the preview or render state? etc. explain more about the lag, please. be more descriptive.

i’ve been avoiding the capitan jump, still on 10.9 actually, so it would be good to know if there is an os/config. conflict.

Thanks for your reply. I will get those specs for you this evening.

Here are further specs on the issue. The new mac is the MacBook Pro (Retina 15 inch Mid 2015)
Processor 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics AMD Radeon R9 M370 X 2048 MB

The issue is worse in the Camera view, less bad in the Drawing view and, surprisingly non-existent in the Render View.

I also purchased a new Wacom Intuos today. The problem is slightly better but, not enough for my liking.

The problem does not seem to be an issue in any other softwares but, I haven’t tried all of them, yet.

My old computer (And I can’t access the specs as it is completely dead) was the 17 inch MacBook pro from 2011. I think it had the same processor. The problem did not exist on that machine.

Oh. I’m running Harmony Premium 12.2. Changes in any preferences seem to have no affect.

Hello Mike

I experienced this exactly when I bought a new iMac with el Capitan in March this year. At first I thought it was my Cintiq. But as I also bought Harmony Premium at the same time and had access to free help for 90 days I contacted Toonboom. The instructions I received temporarily fixed it. But it involved getting rid of any preferences I had set. However, as I started to re-customise my settings and workspace after the fix I found the lag returned. So Toonboom must know there’s some problem with changing default preferences in Harmony using El Capitan.

At the moment I just draw with the pencil tool for lines and rarely use the brush. Annoying, but I’m hoping they bring out an update to allow changes to preferences/workspace without creating this brush lag glitch.

If you want to give the fix a go I’ve put the steps below. It isn’t simply a matter of going into preferences and changing to default, but requires changing a folder name. But as I said earlier, at some point you may find it returns after readjusting preferences or workspace to suit your needs.


Close the Harmony software first.

Then try to reset your preferences file by rename the folder under:

/Users/Your User Name/Library/Preferences/Toon Boom Animation.

Toon Boom Animation


Toon Boom Animation_bak

(Need to show Hidden folders)

Then try it to see if it works.

Please also try to disable the auto save workspace under Preferences/General tab.

Thank you, Grenspleen. Crazy that we’re all experiencing this issue. I also teach the software on the college level and it’s getting us there, too. FYI, the problem doesn’t exist as badly in the drawing view and none at all in the camera render view. I’ll try your suggestions. Hopefully, Harmony will fix this in Harmony 12 and not blow us off now that 14 is available.



I’ve had a similar problem which I found a solution to. Not sure it will apply to you but you can try.
Check if your Workplace is set on Default. In my case, if switched to Hand-Drawn, all my strokes are laggy and super slow.
Not sure what’s changing under the hood between those two modes, but for me Default corrects the problem.
Good luck!


Hello Mike and Pyercoffin

Yes, changing workspace to default works - the lag goes. Definitely something up with custom workspaces and El Capitan. I suppose I will just switch to Default when actually drawing, and back to my custom the rest of the time.

Can’t see Toonboom fixing this in H12.

Hi everyone,

There is an issue with El Capitan when a toolbar is truncated and a double arrow appears at the end of the toolbar (>>), brush, pencil and eraser have a performance issue when using Wacom. This only happens on El Capitan and resetting the preferences also reset the workspace.


thanks for the explanation marie-eve, nice job (to you, the community and tb staff) in isolating this problem.

this seems like a significant core software usability issue, something that requires a “hot fix” update soon, no? overwhelmingly common to have a combination of truncated tool bars and also be working with a wacom device in harmony, while also keeping current with OS. resetting the preferences does not seem like a reasonable solution for working in harmony, just a temporary band-aid.

maybe toonboom can round up some of the most severe issues soon and issue a hot fix point release for harmony 14 (and 12)? h14 was released over half a year after mac os 10.11 so it seems fair that at least h14 should have this issue resolved promptly, and hopefully that can be rolled back to h12 users too. surprising that this wasn’t a “known issue” at time of h14 release (or was it? no “known issue” list available…).

until a patch is released, would be nice to know if there are other el capitan-related bugs… :slight_smile: