Brush Tool Keyboard Shortcut Not Working Properly?

Okay, this is super strange but…I’ve been mapping out my keyboard shortcuts on Toon Boom Harmony. I have the select tool mapped to “S”, the eraser tool mapped to “E”, and the brush tool mapped to “Alt + B”.

So, let’s say I want to go from the Select Tool to the Eraser Tool. I’ll press my keyboard shortcut and It works as intended. But let’s say if I want to go from any tool, to the brush tool. I’ll press my keyboard shortcut “Alt + B” and…it doesn’t select the brush tool. Why? All of my keyboard shortcuts work except for the brush tool. I tried changing the brush keyboard shortcut, and it still doesn’t work. I don’t get it. Anyone understand why this is happening?

Which version of Harmony are you using?

Which platform are you on, Mac or Windows? <= EDIT I see in your other post you have a Windows PC.

I am on a Mac.

I cannot test H 20 because I have to upgrade my OS to run it but I have H 12-17 installed.

Alt+B is the default for the Brush Tool. It works for me on H17. I did not try the others.

Have you tried the check box restoring everything to default?