Brush tool doesn't retain settings

In Animate, with the Paint Bucket tool selected, I can hit the B key and it will temporarily switch to the Brush Tool with all of the previous Brush Tool settings intact i.e. Repaint or Paint Under. In Animate Pro doing the same keyboard shortcut still switches to Brush but none of the Brush settings are the same as they would be if I just selected it.

I built a workflow in Animate that was really efficient. I was hoping in Animate Pro that I would be able to keep this workflow. Is there anything I’m missing? Is there a new setting? This holding down B key is a real time saver.

Thank you for any help

I was able to reproduce the problem. While the brush preset – shape, minimum size, maximum size, and texture – is recalled, the brush option–draw behind or repaint brush, for example – is not.

In Animate Pro, B is for brush, X is for repaint brush. Unfortunately the paint with draw behind is not available for the temporary brush, but this is something that we’ll look at for Animate Pro 2. I hope the X shortcut helps, however. Just make sure when using the X shortcut that your focus (the little red outline) is in the camera view, because X is also a shortcut for Insert Blank Frame in the timeline.

Toon Boom Support

This worked. Thank you for your help.