Brush Tool causes Drawing window to disappear

Using v3.0.2 of TBS for OS X, anytime I use the brush tool, the drawing window disappears. If I reload the default drawing layout, everything is visible, but any time I “touch” the drawing, the window disappears. No other tool seems to cause this.

Any ideas as to what is causing this and has anyone else run into this?


iBook G4 (1gig RAM)
OS X 10.4.6
No tablet in use for this testing, mouse drawing.


Well, I presume there is no need to use V 3.0.2 (Universal Binary Version)
With a G4 please try V 3.0.1.
(I am really not sure if the UB-Version is causing your problems).

I am using V 3.0.1 / G4 iMac / OSX 10.4.6
and Toon Boom Studio works just beautifully.


Good thought. I also am not sure that (UB) would be the problem, but it would be worth a try. Unfortunately, I don’t see any means of downloading any version other than 3.0.2 for the Mac.

I’ve sent a message to TBS support as well re: the disappearing window problem. Hopefully, they’ll have and answer.



It turns out that Codetek Virtual Desktop has some interaction issue with Toon Boom that was causing the drawing window to disappear. Quitting CVD and relaunching TBS corrected the problem.

Thanks to Ugo at Toon Boom for the help.