Brush thickness (drawing using mouse)

Hello all,

I’m very new to digital animation, and I have not yet determined whether or not a tablet works for me.

I’ve been using illustrator for a while now and like the way that you can adjust the line thickness variably along a path for tapered ends. Is there an easy way to achieve similar results with the brush tool or polyline tool in toonboom without a tablet?

The minimum size in the tool properties does not seem to have any effect on my brush lines. (Using a mouse)

Cheers if you can help!

I use the brush that’s an ellipse on an angle (instead of a circle brush) to get a tapered end, and then I manually adjust if I need to. The minimum/maximum size is only for pressure sensitivity with tablets so this is the workaround I use when drawing with the mouse.

Hi there, if you’re using Animate or Animate Pro version 3, there is now a thick and thin pencil line. If you’re using a mouse, you can always apply a Thickness Stencil to the line (either while drawing, or afterwards). You can set up a stencil with the tapering that you like and reuse it on all your lines.

I use a mouse way too often and I use the pencil editor tool to add taper at the end.

Ah thank you all!