Brush Textures Blue and Pixelated

Hey all. Having a problem with my daughter’s laptop running Harmony Advanced 14. Prior to a few months ago the brush textures worked fine, then suddenly every time one is used all lines become pixelated and blue. If we save the file, close harmony and then re-open it, the lines appear normal, but again as soon as the brush texture is used the issue re-appears. We have replaced and upgraded the RAM, and upgraded the HDD to an SSD. I also performed a full reinstall of both Harmony, Windows 10, and related device drivers. At this point I am at a loss, and any thoughts would be appreciated. Specs and image sample (ignore the yellow shapes, those appeared when hitting alt for the screen shot) below:

Dell Inspiron 5559
Windows 10 Home 64-bit
CPU: Intel Core i7-6500U 2.5Ghz
RAM: 16 Gb
Video: AMD Radeon R5 M335

Part of the problem might be the graphic card which is a low-performance
card. It could be overtaxed if you have multiple monitors.

In Harmony itself go into the preferences and on the “OpenGL” tab
disable the “Enable Mipmapping on Bitmap Layers”. Beyond that
check if the Light Table (light bulb icon) feature was accidentally left

Try closing other programs and web pages and re-launch the software
to see if it improves the situation.

We have disabled Mipmapping on Bitmap layers, and also ensured that light table mode is off. The issue still persists.

We have tried multiple times after a reboot with no other programs open, but it makes no difference.

I had the same though regarding the specs on the video card, but this laptop ran Harmony without any problems for about a year before the issue started, so I find it unlikely that the video card would suddenly be the issue. And there is no additional or external monitor in use. The only display is the laptop display.

I am just another user. I hope you can resolve this problem. Reading through this thread I do not have anything to offer you except this: Generally speaking, your conclusion that it is unlikely to be hardware which has suddenly failed is probably an incorrect deduction.

Software installations can become corrupted but, unlike hardware, software does not deteriorate. You reinstalled the software. If it worked on your system before a pristine installation file could only become obsolete if it was not updated to accommodate any changes in the hardware. It would not suddenly fail like a part on a car engine receiving stress.

There have not been any updates to Harmony 14 so it is a constant in this scenario. You have replaced the installation eliminating the only software variable. (To be safe did you use a freshly downloaded file or the original stored somewhere as the installation source file?).

That leaves your hardware. It is possible that Harmony could have a problem with a part in your system while other software does not. Even if it worked fine for a year. That sort of thing is not uncommon in software. Have you updated any firmware or drivers during this period?

People frequently assume that their system is fine if it runs Photoshop or Maya without problems. To a point it is something for the software company to figure out if it is consistent enough for them to pin it down. But with Windows PC hardware being open to so many vendors, unlike Apple, there is a greater chance for problems.

The bottom line is that there is a greater chance that this is hardware related than you may have been thinking.

Good luck.

A recent Microsoft security update caused Intel graphic card drivers
to crash or have poor performance in OpenGL. Try re-installing the
original graphic card driver. If that does not resolve the problem,
try installing an older one.