brush texture

Please, in Animate Pro:
Textures do not appear in the list of types of brush.
How I can get them back?

Greetings from Chile.

Someone knows the answer?.
We work with multiple Macs with Toon Boom but two of those Mac textures have disappeared, only appear Brush?

and sorry for my English

Thanks Lilly.
The problem persists. I can not find the User folder in Preferences.
I confirm that the problem occurs in Animate Pro 2. We work online with a license that is on a separate server.
In our teams work many different students and certainly someone I delete from the list of textures. We can make your own, but I want to recover to the default.
I am writing from the University of the Americas in Chile.
I will write to support.


I wanted to share the final solution to the problem:

The list of textures are lost because someone lost them from the list (a student). And it was not possible to recover from any file.
The solution was to create new textures in a folder (psd files, 200 pixels and 72 of resolution). And from there to add new textures in the brush tool.


Just make sure that all the computers are on Animate Pro first of all, since this is not an Animate feature.

Then the next thing is perhaps the user has previously deleted those brushes, and the user preferences are saved without them. You can try to delete the user preferences. Delete or rename the folder: User/Library/Preferences/Toon Boom Animation/Toon Boom Animate Pro/

If this doesn’t solve your issue feel free to write in to


Thanks for writing to support - I was just about to suggest that. :slight_smile: