Brush texture presets disappeared

I have Toonboom Harmony Premium perpetual permanent edition, and use it often but today all the preset brush tool property settings and also the presets disappeared for the pencil tool too (but if I press the arrow next to the pencil setting I can still access the preset textures but not for the brush).

How do I fix this, and why did this happen? It was fine 2 days ago and I had not messed with the settings or workspace.

I have the exact same problem… Already tried reinstalling the program, it didn’t help. I think I’ll try to uninstall it and then clean everything there is left of the program and reinstall it only after that… maybe it helps, I don’t know what else I should do anymore…

UPDATE: you have to delete hidden files, after you uninstalled Toonboom. There’s a folder in System\user\your-user\App Data\ called “Toonboom Animation” which you have to delete. If you reinstall it afterwards the brushes are there again :slight_smile:

Is it possible that you created a bush called Pencil 1 and a pencil called Brush 1
by accident? I’m not trying to be cheeky - I just noticed that the other default
pencils and brushes are not present and it’s an easy error to make if your
attention is not focused on it when you’re making the tool setting.

If that’s not what happened, it’s pretty odd and you should contact support to
have a look on your system, or delete your user’s Harmony preferences which
might have gotten corrupted somehow.

I found that my brush and pencils are completely swapped. When i am on brush, it says Pencil, and when I am on Pencil the tool presets say brush

I didn’t delete the brushes or pens. There is an error that deletes all the brush and pen presets. I just had it happen again on a brand desktop computer but this time it isnt an issue of the pen and brush swapping names, just all the presets deleting themselves in an error when going to save and then toonboom has a saving error and shuts down and restarting wiped the brush and pen presets. <: u Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t fix the problem. I only managed to get my presets back by wiping my whole laptop back to factory setting and reinstalling it then. I don’t want to do that again with this new desktop. Especially if will happen again.

I know this thread is old, but to help those who encounter this again: In my experience, I didnt need to reinstall, but rather I went into the Toon Boom Animation folder > Toon Boom Harmony (your version here, mine is 12.2) > resources > penstyles > then, with Harmony open, double clicked on the .xml files within. A window popped up with all my missing brush/pencil styles and asked if I wanted to import them! Huzzah. They all came back, and stayed back when I closed and reopened the program.

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I owe you a beer!

Was pulling my hair out trying to fix this! :smiley: